About Us


Hello !

I am Nam Seung-woo, the CEO of other corporations.
“Dookki” was started to become a restaurant brand that all global customers can enjoy beyond Korea.
“Dookki” has entered major Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and is
loved by global locals, and
will continue to expand its market to Australia and the Americas so that more global customers can experience “Dookki”.

“Dookki” is not limited to simply being Korea’s leading tteokbokki brand, but
will grow into a brand where all global customers can enjoy making and eating a variety of foods to suit their own taste and style.
In addition, while providing popular prices and places, we will continue to add more diverse and fun elements to make Dookki a national brand that
all customers who use “Dookki” can feel the best value while satisfying the best quality and enjoyment at the same time for the price . We will grow into a global brand that people all over the world know and love, and raise the status of “K-Food” by allowing people to enjoy a variety of Korean ingredients through “Dookki” in all regions of the world.

We will create a sound franchise business model where customers, franchisees, and headquarters can coexist and
realize the saying, “A dream you dream alone is just a dream, but a dream you dream together becomes a reality.”


Nam Seung-woo , CEO


What Is

Topokki is Korean Traditional Food.
It was considered as a street food in the past.
However, Topokki is currently served in restaurant with high-quality service